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Feast of Divine Mercy * a most humble and docile reception * Quasimodo Sunday

This last Sunday marks the Sunday after Easter and a return to the rank ‘n file church service for those church going folks. In so many words this oft named Quasimodo Sunday was symbolic for those of us who “crave pure spiritual milk,” (and honey in the land of Joseph and Mary). It is a time for prayer and to request of her graces, and by a most humble and docile reception of her gifts. We pay tribute to her most amazing grace on our way to salvation and in returning to the extra ordinary. As newborns we recall that “except ye (that) be converted and become as little children (and whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child), shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

the Hunchback of Notre Dame

This was also the day that a certain abandoned deformed child was found. And apparently the lasting impact of this soon to be known as the Hunchback of Notre Dame was not lost on us nor in translation, as it was Mickey Munoz (nicknamed the Mongoose) who coined the term “quasimodo” for his ride when hunched at the forefront of his board, with head down, one arm forward and one arm aft.

Mickey Munoz at Secos

Mickey Munoz at Secos * Surfing USA! * An Illustrated History of the Coolest Sport of All Time * by Ben Marcus * Voyageur Press 2005

Many have taken to the Quasimodo as the receiving of a rite of passage, of a most blessed sacrament. Borne from a windswept ocean, the wave passes over the reef, many of which are indeed hunchbacked, if not mangled and/or deformed (as opposed to well formed). Nourished by wind, waves, sand and rays, we take this moment as unto a most divine communion, holding to an interior attitude of gratitude. We are the grom child and are keeping the stoke, and in knowing that the true king wears no crown.

quasimodo * soul of waves * surfer tarot

Surfing as a meditation makes evident our relationship with our ocean of creation. We learn a love for her, and for all our relations. There is a “solidarity among surfers in relation to the ocean,” almost as an act of thanks, or as if in a trance. We are in love with the ocean and are touched by her. “Deep surfing” as such, finds one “at home in the womb,” and at one with our surf satori. In testament, our grateful surfer has dedicated his “Quasimodo” head dip, in symbolic gratitude. As silent surfer, he surfs the song in his heart for all to see, and rides a spinning wave, alive with joy and freedom, high on pure stoke as the happy surfer. He knows the joy of the sea. As surf ballerina, he has a beautiful and smooth, natural style. Our surf Zen joyride reveals the ocean of Eden unto us, as we succumb to the Point of Pleasure.

Dragon Surf by Ichiro Tsutsui

Dragon Surf by Ichiro Tsutsui

Young at heart, we play the part of the lover and show our true colors. “Heartfelt emotion holds sway over reason,“ as we find our “way to harmony within and with our surroundings” without. Our state of “amazing grace” gives rise to an unobstructed expression of our heartfelt experience. With deep reverence and humility, we share of the wellspring within, of our gratuity and of our unending essence. Our action is louder than words as our natural response is non resistance and to flow with life. In the spirit of servitude and with veneration, we have deep feelings and think with our heart. Our behavior sets the tone and generates fraternal feelings. We are well liked and have our admirers.

Samsara * Tibetan High Tide by Mark Tagell

Quasimodo is the quintessential “cosmic cosmo,” and entrenched within the “good vibe tribe.” Of an indigenous aesthetics, he is natural mystic and knows of the Unknown. His hidden spiritual power reveals itself during rapturous ritual and ceremony. Of an existential attitude, he shows up waxing philosophical, but leaves in deference to his more surrendered, humanistic side. Not of an intellectual approach, he opens more by way of intuitive introspection than just contemplative considerations. As an ahimsa adherent, there is a gentleness and calmness to him. His body language communicates his light and warm hearted, kind and sensitive nature. He is a gardener of redemption. He loves children and is an incurable romantic. He puts home before work, and needs to love and be loved. Friendly and generous, his contentment is felt in his bones and body. Perpetually young and of eternal youth, he is full of good spirits and laughter. Impromptu and spirited, he knows how to have fun. Playful and artistic he is open to truth and not out to dominate. Balanced and free of prejudice, he is humble and uncomplicated. Not afraid, he is fully alive and fulfilled. We’ve “got the love,” and are lost in grace.

All the same, Quasimodo can be emotional. Not objective with himself, he can be cut off from reality. Lost, but with good intentions, advice flows freely from our “surf drunk.” Self gratification governs his secret thoughts as he pours out flattery and compliments. Often left as despised, he is to be taken with caution. He’s got a wide circle of off beat acquaintances, but inwardly he’s a loner. Others rarely know him, although they think they do. As he becomes more withdrawn, he’s left empty in the long run.

Leonardo de Vinci chalk portrait by Daryn McBride

Leonardo Da Vinci chalk portrait by Daryn McBride

Reciprocate emotionally. Make your feelings evident. As we feel towards her, we feel towards others, and for ourselves. Show love for her. Quasimodo takes the responsibility to care for her. Make a memorable gesture of goodwill, with “deeds, not words.” Plant a tree. Salute the sea. Be subtle enough to acquiesce to the waves without, and our divinity within. Excuse any “performance standard” and contemplate the divine. It’s a dance. You cannot be rigid. Relax. Surf in harmony. Live the dream. Invite perfection. Give thanks and praise. Nourish others with goodwill for all. Be touched and found. Be happy to just be. Bring a smile to others. Lighten things up. Humor others with dignity. Pause to reflect and yield to the ineffable joy of love and piety. It’s all “fair dinkum.” Tap your inner reserves and follow the “intuitive path.” The crown chakra opens unto your transcendental experience, with your joyride but symbolic offering, unto our “unification with the original source.”

Life's a Blast by John Mason

Life's a Blast by John Mason

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