personal prayer, invocation and thanksgiving

giving thanks and praise to the four directions....

sundancer in the east, ocean lover in the south,
earth pearl in the west, and moon shepherd in the north....

giving thanks and praise to grandfather sun and grandmother moon,
our mother ocean and earth mothers,
and to our roots, which dwell deep down within,
we give thanks and praise....

I pray for love, I pray for true love, I pray for deep love,
I pray for peace, love and joy, harmony and balance,
between all our relations, with all the peoples, and in all the colors....

in truth and soul, I give thanks for this most magickal and mystickal of ways,
and in beauty and joy, I sing the praises of this most glorious of days....

we give thanks and praise.... Namaste.


and to All Our Relations


giving thanks, giving thanks, giving thanks….  for the magic,

for the medicine, the meditations, the messages, and for the music of the muse,

giving thanks for all her amazing grace, and for the greater goodness of the goddess,

for her inspiration, and for creation….  of this life, and as we live it, as our art from the heart

O Mitakuye Oyasin



Quan Yin Elegance by Paul Heusssenstamm

QuanYin Elegance by Paul Heussenstam