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the Next Wave by Nick Carroll

Carroll, Nick.  the Next Wave, "the World of Surfing."  New York, NY: Abbeville Press, 1991

Caught Inside by Daniel Duane

Duane, Daniel.  Caught Inside,

"a Surfer's Year on the California Coast."

New York, NY:  North Point Press, 1997

Stoked! by Drew Kampion

Kampion, Drew.  STOKED!

"a History of Surf Culture."  Salt Lake City, UT:  Gibbs Smith, 2003

the Way is Within by Ron Rathbun

Rathbun, Ron.  the Way is Within, 

"a Spiritual Journey."  Oceanside, CA: 

Quiescence Publishing, 1994

the Surfin'ary by Trevor Calle

Calle, Trevor.  the Surfin'ary, "a Dictionary of Surfing Terms and Surfspeak."

Berkeley, CA:  Ten Speed Press, 1991

You Should of Been Here an Hour Ago by Phil Edwards with Bob Ottum

Edwards, Phil.  with Bob Ottum. 

You Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago, 

"the Stoked Side of Surfing; or How to Hang Ten Through Life and Stay Happy."

New York, NY:  Harper & Row, 1967

Healing Earth Tarot by Jyoti and David McKie

McKie, Jyoti & David.  Healing Earth Tarot. 

“a Journey in Self Discovery, Empowerment and Planetary Healing.”  St. Paul, MN: 

Llewellyn Publications, 1994

Voyager Tarot by James Wanless
Morning Glass by Mike Doyle

Doyle, Mike. with Steve Sorensen.  Morning Glass, "the Adventures of Legendary Waterman Mike Doyle." Three Rivers, CA: 

Manzanita Press, 1993

Surfing * the Ultimate Pleasure by Leonard Lueras

Lueras, Leonard.  Surfing,  "the Ultimate Pleasure."  Honolulu, HI:  Emphasis International, 1984

Da Bull * Life Over the Edge by Greg Noll with Andrea Gabbard

Noll, Greg. with Andrea Gabbard.

Da Bull,  "Life Over the Edge." Berkeley, CA:  North Atlantic Books, 1989

the Tarot of the Orishas by Zolrak * illustrated b Durkon

Zolrak.  the Tarot of the Orishas,  St. Paul, MN:  Llewellyn Publications, 1994

Wanless, James.  Voyager Tarot,

"Way of the Great Oracle." Carmel, CA:

Merrill-West Publishing, 1989

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