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Do as you know (of her) * Good medicine is everywhere * gaiatlantis

Personally am quite enthralled/spellbound when on the receiving end of little downloads/transmissions, and no matter how seemingly insignificant, as most always there is measure and value in and of their sharing. And as was recently at the local music hall listening to Ayla Nereo, it did not go without notice that the lyrics of one of her (new) songs held reaffirmation for the above titled msg/beseechment.

“Just be as you are, just do as you do, by grace and devotion…. by breath as it takes you,”

milk and honey by Ka Amorastreya

milk & honey by Ka Amorastreya

Or perhaps something like, “by water as it takes you, ride the wave…. ride this thing called life.”

I’m lost in your waves, fast upon your shining seas…. speaking salt water wine.

I’m lost in your tides, making waves sea side…. by light of the surfer’s moon.

And in tribute to Keep America Beautiful month we could well receive of things as, “she done shed her grace upon thee, in sisterhood from sea to shining sea…. of and by way of our music hearted sea.”

Do as you know of her. Do as you know of her story. Do as you know of herstory. Do as you know.

You know of her. ‘Tis in your bones. Your medicine (is of the ocean, and) is welcome everywhere.

Life is forgiving, life is for giving. Give as you know of her. Listen to her. Shine upon all without favor.

tuna nets by Blaze Warrender

tuna nets by Blaze Warrender

Share of yourself. Share of your medicina. You are curandero, healer, lover and a most kind hearted soul. Heaven everywhere, at home anywhere. Good medicine is everywhere. Do as you know of her.

gaiatlantis * ocean of rays * surfer tarot

Dolphin's Atlantis by Richard Fields

dolphin's Atlantis by Richard Fields

Surfing dispels the myth that “the Source” is separate from life. Divinity is divine. In every wave, we again find our natural way. Surfers are extrasensory intermediaries in our return to Natural Law. As surfers, we are concerned with not just our ecology, but with energy and the energetics of that liquid force itself. The surfer as sentient soul leaves an incorporeal legacy to surfing’s successors via the ever unfolding, fractal relationship between the surfer ethereal and her shimmering wave. Surfing is a gift and a blessing, and any surfer worth his or her saltwater is grateful, and pays deference to our deep “surfology,” the harmonic convergence of all international surfers and oceans, the worldwide over.

Pandora ambassador by Amanda Sage

Our Mother Ocean and Earth is all encompassing. Her “collective feminine spirit” spawns from the “deeper phenomena” of her sensual nature. Her planetary rhythms and vibrations emanate from her ancient seas as our “feminine rising.” She is exalted for her sensitivity and grace, and as mythical entity, is our “earthly ethereality.” Her eternal truths are spelled out at sunrise and sunset, run day and night, and span north to south, and east to west. She is the way, the “whole earth in spirit,” and has the power to heal. As our “collective shamaness,” she is supernatural, nontemporal, and nonspatial. She is our planetary Priestess of the Pacific, and all oceans, and patroness to our ocean and earth’s collective soul. She is well begotten, charitable and bountiful, and lavishly shares of her abundant and well decorated garden of Eden. Gaia gives, and in turn, ours is a natural attraction. As cosmic ocean children, we know she “depends upon a rich supply of airborne nutrients and resources,” so we as “responsibility holders” to the deep ecology and good green soul of our ocean and earth, work to uphold her “natural balance.” Like our Amazon, Afrikan and gypsy women, her dark haired kelp beds and rich complexion of minerals and nutrients help inspire our hippie children, with saltwater dreadlocks, to be conscious party to the wise woman trinity of mother, daughter and the holy soul, and in turn, our mother ocean, waterwoman and Gaiatlantis. Hence, as gaiatlantean “amphibia,” we are active and generous in knowing that “nature flows in harmony and balance.”

the Grace of Mer by Autumn Skye Morrison

the Grace of Mer by Autumn Skye Morrison

Maritmo painting

original painting by Maritmo

We are nature and we are imbalance, in one, and at times in violation of natural law. What destroys our ocean, destroys ourselves. Our “abulia” is not excuse enough for our “not listening, nor seeing.” There is no guarantee that tectonic plates won’t shift, that we won’t be “lacking in oxygen,” and that despite our rainforests, that our dry deserts won’t become “hard.” Have we “allowed false witness or swindle” by our mother ocean and earth? Are we fatigued and overcome by “earth changes.” If deserted, she can take care of herself. She can be “cool and emotionally detached.” She can be “protective like a mother.” Her “soft rumble” is often a sign that she has become “unsociable and bad tempered,” if not “downright mean and nasty.” She “prods persons into action” when things matter.

neon wave by Ichiro Tsutsui

Come together and care for our mother ocean. “Earth mothers” unite and teach the ways of our mother earth. Reestablish equilibrium. Shift from “man against nature” to surfer in harmony with the wave, from ocean to cresting ocean, and from sea to shining sea. Get your liquid groove on. The common goal of man is to be at one with himself, and our ocean and earth. Return to nature and restore yourself to your natural state. Be gentle. Soothe and heal. Be part of a collective soul retrieval. Sink into the shadows without having the need to be acknowledged. Dawn the light of your inward sun. Know our ocean and earth mothers as one. Show her endless gratitude. Move to the rhythm of nature. Ebb and flow with the tides of life. Be like water. Penetrate, retract and expand. Find your level. We’re only visiting. Wash up upon the shore. We have a collective need to be closer to nature. Wiggle your toes. Wiggle your nose. Sense what’s coming. As guardians to gaiatlantis we are the caretakers for an unborn generation. Share of the task. Think tribally, act locally. Sing your songs. Listen to others. It’s a mutual admiration society. Receive of the universe. Lower your walls. Be uninhibited. Wish goodwill to all. Be of your body. Blend with the universe. Feel things out. Magic happens. Cry. Understand the interconnectedness within our ocean and earth. Know harmony between our humanity and her nature. Live her way. As co creators, live in relationship and in harmony. Let your serenity show of your appreciation for this life. And “may there be peace in your heart, so there may be peace on the planet.”

Flight into golden light by Stephen Bibb

Flight into golden light by Stephen Bibb

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