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Waterwoman * III

Girl in the curl by Roger Chandler

To be a waterwoman is a great responsibility. She gives birth to the feminine within our male dominated surfing world. The waterwoman is a seed that has flowered. She is a new moon rising, our return to grace. She garners silent reverence, and adds a needed dimension to surfing, if not to our lives. Surfers have been wanting and waiting. She has a balanced presence, and is deeply connected to surfing and her ocean mother. The waterwoman teaches us to give of ourselves as surfers, and to share of our love of the ocean. Her voice is of a soft ocean tone, caressing like sea foam, a soft rolling wave over others. She is the “kiss of life,” like water to shore. She nurtures an emotional connection to water, sensitive to waves, movements and variance. She upholds our Mother Ocean in her very body. Sea water flows through her veins. Her lineage is of the ancestral sea goddess, and as water daughter, acts from the ancient wisdom of her water peoples.

Illustration Romina Cejas

She is surfernatural, mother ocean incarnate. The waterwoman is aroused by the elements, surfing with a sensual freedom, as if only she, “knows the feeling.” Aesthetic in action, she is beauty and the wave, wild and pure; sheer poetry in creative union with the incessant rhythm of the sea. She is a wish for harmony. She is surfing’s mother lode star. It’s a natural attraction. She is all love, lifegiving and entrusted with creation. In community, she is caring and comforting. We confide in her. She has healing energy, and lifts our tribal spirit. We take her as unto our lawfully wedded life. She’s beloved and cherished because she enriches our souls. We yearn for the heartfelt warmth of her supportive sanctuary. She is emotionally responsive and engaging, a fertile soul who brings factions together in harmonic convergence. She is our creative oasis. She is of heaven, ocean and earth, and turns the invisible to visible. As our vivifying Venus, her erogenous zone is of a mellifluous goodness; like ocean mother, like water daughter.

However as one knows of our Mother Ocean, one also suspects of the waterwoman. As surf diva, and modern day mermaid, it is not beneath her to conjure up her siren call of the sea. She is sentimental and forgets not her bikini bewitched nor the fervent sway held by her beach blanket. If susceptible to the girl midget, surfer girl stereotype, she can be defensive and even hypersensitive. As “sea cow” she can be bull dyke in boardshorts, or just robust and overbearing. The waterwoman is sometimes moody and vulnerable to discharge and the unfortunate miscarriage. As her body gravitates towards earth, she becomes evermore, an ocean and earth woman. And when she’s feeling maternal, as in matriarchal, she can act out as “militant environmentalist.”

Be environgentle. The waterwoman suggests that soft is stronger than hard, that love is stronger than aggression. The feminine balances. She is a natural woman with a love for nature. As “a woman’s nature is essentially intuitive, sensing things before they happen is a natural byproduct of a quiet mind.” The waterwoman knows that if she does not see herself as part of nature, she will not understand her relationship to nature. She has been known to be a surfing chameleon. She is adaptable where others are staunch and refuse to change. Her “female principle” is regenerative. She knows flow. As waterwoman, she is a handholder, and has gotten in “touch.” She is not afraid to get wet. She surfs with a feline smoothness and an amazing grace. The waterwoman has come into her own. Surfing is her joy and her life a joyride. Those who know the ride, ride well, and enjoy it. Enjoy your life.

Illustration Melissa Warner

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