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surfer’s moon * XVIII

Blue moon by Remi Bertoche

Ocean rhythms are intrinsic to our surfing life. As observers of the ocean pulse, we notice subtle shifts in conditions that result from the tide’s ebb and flow. And as we sense that ocean tides are connected to our moon, we surmise that our ocean pulse is similarly susceptible to extreme tides and the requisite expected swell. In turn an emotional high tide may give way to our subsequent ocean of emotion. We then find it true that as the moon is mover of tides, oceans and therefore surfers, we must tune into our watery nature and move in accordance with the laws of nature.

Perched high by Patrick Parker

Moments of truth define our journey into our emotional depths. Our male sun has set. The full moon rising is home to the feminine. Silence and a feminine restfulness are host to our internal rising. As creativity rises later in the afternoon and evening, a heightened sense of awareness at night gives rise to our unconscious desires. We find out what we are here for through meditation and prayer. Nighttime is a period of rest and healing. We work with dreams and visions in hopes of divine guidance. Sleep unveils our dreamworld, as dreamtime takes us out of our element and puts us in touch with our unconscious flow, giving us a chance to see what is moving under the moonlit world of the soul, and connecting us to what’s otherworldly. Shamanic journey and soul retrieval put us in connection with the larger than life world of the spirit realms. The opportunity to deal with our karma and karmic relationships takes shape as we sense the ominous presence of the mysterious woman or the wild man mysterioso. Wanderlust in pursuit of our lost soul parts, we trust in the intangible as we feel our way through in search of our whole truth. It is a test of faith as we see a very human side of us not altogether comforting. The unsettling influence won’t reveal what has been obscured unless we empathize with what becomes our creative revelation.

A healing circle and ceremony affords us space from between the unreal man or woman, as what is real for others may be unreal for you, or vice-versa. Having embraced the esoteric we touch upon ecstasy and feel a renewing sense of energy, sure of a new phase to follow. Unsure of our direction we are in flux, with gradual change and a gentle transformation part of our lunaception. Our newfound belief in lunalchemy renders our affectations purified as we pray for our salvation. Knowing we must rely on our intuition, we are drawn to the mystical and enchanting. Not afraid of the unknown and unseen, we seek out heretofore untold psychic and magical powers. As one who is deeply immersed in cycles, intervals and lunar phases, the moon goddess tugs on us like she pulls on the tides. We gravitate towards her subtle, but rhythmic, magnetic pull as adventure by the light of the moon beckons us. We are affected by her glowing enchantment and begin to howl. She ushers us into the darkness as we imagine what lies beyond. We feel up to the task as we again intuit our way thru and seek out full moon completion and an end to our karmic cycle.

Waning after waxing, our surfer’s moon eventually fades from view. In the dark we begin to feel uneasy and anxious. Some feel terror and an uncontrollable fear. We can lose control or become nervy as too many variables tax our nervous system. As we plunge into darkness, we feel foolish as the phantom of the soap opera begins. Distracted by shadow and disoriented by tidal pull, we have entered the “twilight zone,” and are churning inside as there is a “whole lotta” water moving around. Onshore, and deluded by a belief in sorcery, our muse has “closed her seaward windows to keep out the lost souls that wander our ocean’s spaces.” We retreat to the G-land tree houses to escape hidden enemies. Tigers and panthers lurk in the shadows. The ominous has become real. An eerie nervousness pervades. We can’t sleep in anticipation of the portending waves pounding the reef. Night dreams become nightmares and darkness persists if changes aren’t made. If you are stuck in an unchanging, controlling relationship, the fool’s moon will drive you crazy. Outer incompatibility portends inner incompatibility. Married to a mood goddess you are susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse. Left as the lone wolf howling we are soon to wish for the backside of the moon. But lunacy and deception leaves us irrational and sullen. Madness sets in and we slip into a strange indifference. The lunatic fringe awaits as old haunts are cause for emotional upheaval as the backwash comes flooding in, surging with the tide. Our life recession follows our loss of values as we find that our annihilation of illusion is nothing but delusion and esoteric escapism. The moon looms overhead, not more than a reflection of the sun, and not of its own true light.

Watch for your shadow side. Don’t just close your eyes. Recognize. Accept your shadow side. Allow the darkness in. You have the opportunity to redo and resolve. Enter the darkness within. Be an inner space voyager. Do not fear deep knowing. Recede. Nothing is permanent. Going within will slowly afford changes without. Wait things out. Stay grounded to assimilate changes. Be centered when the tide rushes in. Know your break. Don’t be swept out to sea like a tourist. The full moon causes one to reflect. Look out over the water and our ocean depths. Reflect on your reflection. Be still. Tap into your psychic and intuitive side. Have faith in your resources. Tune into your feminine cycles and vibrations. Utterly taken by nature, our bodies are forever in direct connection with the rhythm of life. Be receptive. Women in their moontime walk under our Grandmother moon as moonwalkers. Cultivate her moonshine to illuminate your way.

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