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surf star * XVII

Surfers are reflections of our collective soul and every surfer an enlightened surf star, oftentimes unbeknownst to themselves. The supernatural surfer makes every wave and every day count. We get our glow on from surfing. Life as a surfabout elicits hoots as waves and girls, sex and tube rides, and love and surfing play host to our itinerant surfer at the local surfarama. Surf stardom is the arena of the hydro-acrobat with her waterborne ballet set to our rockabilly rhythm and blues surf music. Riding a wave of popularity she surfs with an ethereal grace and an innate sense of wave knowledge. Touchstone surfing is the hallmark of our bellwether surfer. As surf prodigy within our surfing progeny, she is an inveterate surf flick icon. First on the scene as “Gidget,” our “surf doll” is now in “lean and ready surfing condition.” The surf star is every man’s surfer.

Illustration Jenifer Prince

Hers is an irresistible attraction, his more of a subtle, understated magnetism. We are drawn to her endless radiance as she dazzles us with her luminous grace and beauty. It’s his aplomb that generates the mystique. She shines and sparkles and opens us up to infinity. He glistens upon the wave and makes it look easy, if not effortless. We imagine her as we please, as there is much more to her than meets the eye. His natural ray is our surf salvation. She holds out promise for us. He is shapeshifter and always there for us. Her soft nurturing light is a beacon for others, as her tranquility warms our soul and touches our inner self. His vernacular sets the tone as he feels a responsibility to entertain consciousness. She is our ambassador unto the Aquarian Age. His peacefulness inspires us. Left with a sense of awe and wonder, we are at peace in their company.

The surf star gives us the sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We gain insights from the greater context. The surf star brings the cosmos closer, unveiling the known from the unknown, and the seen from the unseen. From this newness we gain clarity on our path, which prods us on our journey. Faith and hope. Hope and joy. The surf star gives us hope.

Others however are infatuated with your fame and acclaim and become hooked on you. Jet set surfers are seen as sultans of speed and masters of the universe. You are immortal, our surfer superior. As teen idol, you are the untouchable. The surf star oozes cool. Self esteem rises, but like wax, the surf star is susceptible to meltdown. You may yearn to be an ordinary mortal and want for a return to soul, but you are now a marked man. Selling your soul for stars at Kodak reef leaves you overwhelmed by expectations and held to standards where you can no longer be ordinary. You are used to influence, but when used as surfing’s glam boy, you can lose your glitter. Stardom interferes with your development as a human being. Stardom is an illusion. Dim and dimmer, a star gives us a distant, or even detached perspective. We are lost in the cosmos, spaced out on stardust, feeling cold and removed. We are no longer star quality.

Surfing is not a part time job. Be a surf designer - design your life around surfing. Dedication will rise to the top. Use your imagination. Stretch your body, stretch your mind. Gaze upwards. Wish upon a star. Feel small. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star.” Enlightenment beckons. Latch on to your dreams. They came true for our surf star. By helping others reach for their own star, you will reach your own. Be generous. Offer a positive, life-affirming image. Your example shows others their starlight. Be of service. Be the star that you are. Reveal others potential. You can be helpful. Group with other stars and configure. Set the stage for others. It will lift you to new heights. Be far reaching. People will listen. Speak consciously and with clarity. Be thoughtful. You reflect of life. You’re beautiful. Use your beauty in helping others find their own. You are engaged. Others are drawn to your light. Illuminate with your soft light and gentle compassion. Others will be regenerated and healed. You have found your place. Be the lighthouse for others who are stuck riding out storms. Be a star guide. Give direction and guide others. Be propitious and an affirmation for others. Your star shines. Know your own light. Use it to shine on all endeavors. Starlight and starbright, give of your spirit. It is our essence. From starfish to starmaiden, everyone and everything, is a star. Be grateful for our heaven on earth.

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