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native sun * XIX

big left by Ron Croci

The native sun is evidence that the pleasure derived from riding a wave can be brought forth into everyday life. He is the ultimate surfer. As surf envoy and conscious surfer, our native sun is an unassuming and unaffected adherent unto our surfing Shinto, with all the surfing world our sacred “Kammieland.” Surfing as yoga affords us the experience of a surf Samadhi, while surfing as our meditation allows us to touch upon the feeling of a surf Satori. From the grace and beauty of our very own Rell Sun, to the boundless energy of the grom, the native sun is a blessing in disguise.

Illustration Nathan Paul Gibbs

Glowing inside and out, and unto others, our emissary of light serves the people. She is optimistic and a fountainhead of renewed inspiration, and while he exudes a penetrating, beach borne radiance, which “shines for us all to know of.” As shimmering soul, he is of the life force, while she has life giving powers. Spiritually naked, “her sun corona personifies a cosmic mission to turn on the world,” while his “effulgent aureole” anoints him as golden child for a golden age, an ambassador unto the 21st century and harbinger of an “all one,” good vibe tribe to come. They “soon come” as cosmic hippie children adorned with saltwater dreadlocks, or as straw haired sundancers, and are the new aboriginals. The sparkle in their eye fills us with energy while the warmth in their smile warms our very soul. They are centered and secure within their sun chakra, with their “true nature” in full bloom, sunflowering out from under the light of our Grandfather Sun. There is a knowingness and lightness about them, as the softness aflutter in their heart renders them playful and joyous. Free of material concerns their innocent freedom is revitalizing and lights up our collective soul. Their sunny disposition and outlook illuminates a well lit path, from upon which our awakening is clear to see. We bask in their colorful afterglow and are grateful for the positive enrichment of their nourishing rays. They get our organic fruit juices flowing and stir up other’s sexual feelings. She is radiant and vibrant, with her divine glow radiating an abundant joy; he is a star unto himself, with a luminous vitality that is turned on by her creativity. Hope and happiness are most high at the creative conjunction of sun, wind, and sand at water’s edge. Our masculine Sol is “fired up” and “stoked” on her creative principle as shared entity, while her sunrise is our spiritual illumination, growing us healthy, wealthy and wise. We come true as the native sun, knowing that as we, and others, are constantly being reborn, there is a fullness to each and every new day and new beginning. “E Ala E.”

Illustration Danielle Zirkelbach

Illustration Danielle Zirkelbach

The native sun can be dramatic. Do not overwhelm others or blind them with your light. Temper your rays if you are “not yet a trustee unto the tides of Galilea.” Glib and naïve, your high noon arrives and leaves us fried and burnt out under your excess “sun.” Like a plant, our skin burns raw, leaving us listless and dehydrated. With “clouds” interfering, we are now of the “Lost Tribe,” and cannot take too much, upon us. What used to be a community thing, with gardens grown and fish speared, now fills us with uncertainty and doubt, leaving us no longer vital.

Be the lens for others to see the truth. Help them burn through delusion and disenchantment. Be enchanting. You are illuminating. Show them their own light within. Be encouraging, but not overbearing. Know when to hide behind a “cloud,” and let it rain. Know when to take the night off. Come in from out of the cold and let the sun shine within. Form natural partnerships. Work with others. Take in a “feelgood” rainbow “movie.” Get outside. Eat food resplendent with chi and manna. A fulfilling life is of simple sustenance. Be graceful. Move from the material to the spiritual. Our peace path takes direction from the ancestral red road. Be gracious. Build a sweat lodge. Visit the Native American church. New experience awaits. Sundance. Give a prayer of thanks for the “enrichness” of our experience. Be content. Life is a thanksgiving. Celebrate life. Have fun in the sun. Exercise your vitality. Sing and dance. Appreciate life. Be a native sun for butterflies of transmutation. Open up. The luminous body is the true self. Glow. Your splendor and radiance illuminates all around you. Use your mind and numinous spirit to shine out upon all. Spread love and joy. Transform hate. Let others bathe in your light. Your heat and light transform others. Lend a creative spark. Stoke other’s fire. Know your creative power to help foster life. As you look out over the “horizon of consciousness,” your infrared intuition brings forth the seen from the unseen, and makes the unreal more real, and the intangible more tangible. Use your transformative energies to burn away our fog bank. Allow others to see. In touch with something bigger than ourselves, our personal sunrise allows us to take self responsibility for our own uniqueness and individuality. Our consciousness is rising. Be mindful. Bring things to light, and to life. Awaken others from their slumber. We are empowered by your success and selflessness. Raise spirits. Do not be judgmental. Your warmth transcends differences. As a green heart, reflect on the good green road. Be a giver. Share of yourself without favor.

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