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Mother Ocean * II

A true surfer is in harmony with our Mother Ocean. She keeps us at emotional equilibrium. She keeps us detached from the “crashing waves of social constructs, bureaucracy, censure and dogma;” and we in turn hold her as sacrosanct, ocean medium unto her collective unconscious. She holds us spellbound. She is Priestess of the Pond, Lady of the Lake and Woman of the Waters. Secrets ripple out from her. She is the unspoken truth, the uninterrupted flow of conscious from unconscious. She keeps us in silent dialogue with the arcane, and in touch with the teachings of antiquity. The ocean is our temple, our “liquid foundation.” In Mother Ocean we trust.

Lance's Right by Michael Lorenzini * acrylic on canvas * 2008

Water is symbolic of the Way, the mother of all signs and symbols. Our Mother Ocean is symbolic of our relationship with the Divine. She doesn’t seek converts and there’s never a solicitation. She is without arrogance or affectation, and is sublime in repose. She can be calm and pacifying, but is not to be dictated to. She is sovereign unto herself. People once feared her for her unknown contents, but we now, as ocean peoples, have covenant with her to love and respect our Mother Ocean, in all her immensity

immemorial. Her majesty is a shimmering jewel, adorned in the sparkle of unpretentious splendor. She offers clarity. She is purity in passive reflection. Our Mother Ocean is naturally healing.

Resurfacing by Autumn Skye Morrison * acrylic on canvas * 2015

We consecrate her as crone and venerate her for her wisdom. But she is subtle, the quintessential “quiet woman.” She has hidden secrets and can be indifferent. She is self regulating, but in times of intemperance, will herself answer to excess and vanity. At times she’s capricious, even uncouth; and can be exacting in her wrath. She’ll leave you in love and in fear, in awe, and just disgusted; but through it all she is there for us, regardless. We are not separate from her nature. the ocean, the surfer has found an emotional refuge, a reciprocal relationship of eternal and everlasting love. A reverence for something larger than oneself, is reflected in our attitude, and in our gratitude. Her unassuming tranquility teaches us a palpable peace. Her waters render negativities inert and we begin to get answers. Our patience is rewarded by an inward validation. We are becoming conscious. Her primordial stillness gives rise to the power of silence. “True being is found in silence.” From silence will come sensitivity and receptivity.

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