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three * evening glass, green room, rivermouth, new moon

Backlit right by Zen Del Rio

evening glass off * three of winds

Things can get special just before sunset. There is a different feel and things begin settling down. Sunset is surreal, and something to savor. Unique hues are a precursor to the coming of black seas. She is relaxed and soothing, and provocative like an evening gown. An unexpected treat and a good change up to our morning routine, it’s all about timing, as we have the desire to interact again. Retired for the afternoon, we are yet still determined to maximize our surf time with a double session. Our surprise dessert and stimulus anew is reward for our perseverance. Back for seconds to satisfy an incessant “surf jones,” we long for “surf satiation.” With sea breeze dissipated, she is again, a calming influence.

Extra water time yields a dividend and satisfies the day. Show your gratitude. Give thanks and praise to our mother ocean and earth. Show your ingenuity. Ease your “intellectual responsibilities” and take on the soothing qualities of the sea. Glass off smoothes out our “recent troubled past,” and engenders a greater harmony and healing within. Put the past behind you. Be accepting. What may not be seen for “ideal conditions,” still can make for a “doable evening.” You are not dependent upon others for your “perceived perfection.” Who are to you to just up and leave her wavefield behind without harvest?

Evening light by Michael Lorenzini

Packie Chan by John Olvey

green room * three of waves

The trinity of surfer, wave and mother ocean is the “whole” experience. In relationship with the wave, the probability is in your favor that you will touch upon her “G” spot, and ultimate secret chamber, as “only a surfer knows the feeling.” This timeless moment of truth “tastes sweet,” and is the closest thing to the Holy Grail in surfing. In harmony, joy envelops you, and you are at peace. “At-one-ment” comes with a good view and gives you “reason to pause and say grace.” In the womb of the mother, rebirth is at hand as she spits you out from her “emerald green, whirling cathedral” of fertility. As reward for the devoted, this “harmony of breath and spirit” is seminal breath and life force, an intimate moment that forges intimate relationship between surfer, wave and our mother ocean. We have been touched. Her luminous room is of an “abundant happiness.” Our unforgettable joy ride has left us forever under the sign of her “sacred hoop.” Mentally keen and with strong focus, we feel good inside. We exude a quiet confidence, in tune, and happy from a most romantic and sensual experience. She leaves us empty but full, and our “supernatural experience” carries the day. The smooth green harvest is of lasting memory, as “I had the oddest feeling that the light around me had changed, and that time had slowed.”

We are yearning to be in relationship. The “hole in the wave gang” wants nothing more in life than to enter, time and again, the “time warp” of the “dry tube.” We are “the interior surfer,” seeking union of matter and spirit. Our all seeing eye, and hence peacock of a surfer is watchful in harvest, as under her spell and in trance, he knows it best to still maintain emotional balance and stability, as we are oft yet to face the uncertainty of the wave, which is again easier said than done. One who is of “poor judgment of wave or character has cause for being upended or dumped.” If in too deep, overindulgence has price to be paid. If we are careless or take our ride too lightly, our wave of choice can soon become less than charitable, and no longer keeps its promise. Pleasure turns to pain and we become untrusting. Thinking that maybe things were too good to be true, we fall off and become a glutton for punishment. He who lacks faith soon can no longer find his rhythm, and becomes false prophet. Once cavalier, we may now feel undeserving, just waiting to be spit out. Personal effort vanishes in light of our impiety.

Like attracts like. You reap what you sow. Be sensual and spiritual with “Ms. Love Joy.” She restores confidence, and is a well of inspiration. Be grateful for her green room. Her “open door” holds both “the Lady and the Tiger.” Keep your emotional composure, and don’t be afraid to use your intuition. “Time stops,” as she gives positive pause to your cause, and with pleasurable effect. Her archway is symbolic gateway within. She is “harmonious direction.” Your emotional fulfillment comes from an “inner knowing,” and results in a “newfound inner stability.” Unplugged, you are now a “reborn again.” Be encouraging to others. Be alert to the opportunity to “bring your healing presence into our world.” Your healing experience helps open our feminine side. You are more attractive to us without “the strut.” Celebrate the “happier life.” Live clean and green. One who knows his purpose and place is prosperous. Preparedness and training pay off. If your “aim is true,” you will remain in the loop of her sacred hoop.

the Estuary by Michael Lorenzini

rivermouth * three of rocks

Watersheds and estuaries are elegant and harmonious natural habitat, and provide a valuable and also shared, community resource. The “river that runs through it,” is the “secret source” of life force. “Water is alive,” especially at the long end of a river, which is beautiful convergence of mother ocean and earth. Dependent upon rain and snow, she represents the passage of time, as egrets stand idle on her sides.

Another riparian resident of cultures abroad, is the crocodile, symbolic of the power of our unconscious, and the subsequent destruction and fury unleashed. Pollution and industry are the destructive forces at play, all in the name of progress. Toxins, pesticides, and industrial waste, all color the proceedings. The invisible hazards of septic seepage and sewage infiltrations add chocolate brown turrents to our already turbid, and now “sharky” waters. We elicit “enmity from harmony” by the “despicable nature of our deeds,” and the “thoughtlessness of our humanity.” Pollution “cuts off our source of inspiration and joy.” Our unsuspecting “river of life,” is now the carrier of our “ills and spills,” her currents rife with disease and unprocessed effluent. Rivers represent the trials and tribulations as we run through life, suffering loss and falling into oblivion. There is disappointment. We experience strife as hostilities are aroused, and as we think we’ve been betrayed, both individually and as a collective. But unless we as surfers and sister rivers, speak our minds, from our very own “rivermouths,” we have little more than a bleak future to look forward to.

Illustration John Mason

Ironically enough, “mud and plankton at river’s end, reduce wave heights,” which is the least of our worries at the moment. Seasonal disruption aside, currents run deep, and the truth will be uncovered. “Turning a blind eye is unsatisfactory response.” Don’t be a “party pooper.” Band together. Not getting the support you hoped for? Team up. And you thought they’d never arrive. Be considerate. Upon careful analysis, others will take notice. Stay low key. We’re still learning and will respond to your lead. Be prudent. We are here to assist you. Empty out and rejoin. Know collaboration. Ready yourself for reunion. All rivers lead to the same ocean of One. Conjunction and a coming together often come only after great effort. Some ask, “are we ever gonna get there?” Enjoy your “long and winding road.” Sometimes it’s the most expeditious route between knowing and not. The crocodile is also symbolic of “knowledge” and “fecundity.” Apply your knowledge, skills and abilities to great advantage. Positive achievements and advances will come. Prudence is your watershed. Let “her story” flow through you.

Illustration Alexandre Flores Torrano

Camp Sights by Patrick Parker

new moon * three of rays

The sun seeks differentiation while the moon endears, and draws us toward union. In association with others, there is promise, and we find progress is at hand. “Intuition joins experience” and there is a new start and new beginning. New thinking leads to new templates and a fresh outline. There is something to build upon. New growth lends itself to enthusiasm born anew. Extravagance is allowed for now, as the new moon is subtle and not lasting too very long. Minimal tidal fluctuations allow for easy access and entry. Trans Pacific sets have subsided for now. If you find yourself in a group situation, there is an air of cooperation. New light is shed with a purity and innocence that brings joy and white light.

Are you wasting a “golden opportunity?” Your reservoir is full. Reserves are high. You have our full assurance that you will not be lacking. Feeling self reproach for missing the boat or swell? Ready for new swell and “peak experience.” Launch an “air,” and your new project. Feeling unproductive? Recognize opportunities for what they are. Try again. The timing is good. Propose. Emerge born anew. Position for the harvest to come. Get towed in to your “next wave.” Are goals elusive? Are they out of sight? Do you feel out of control? Blend with the wave. Blend in. A deep relationship with the ocean begets deep relations with all things. Form partnerships and alliances with “all your relations.” Work together. Regroup. Are vested interests and a hidden agenda behind your uncontrolled debt?

Reassess. The power of free will engenders us a strength of spirit. Physical renewal leads to a spiritual dawning. Recovery is in the cards. Set your table. Pray for surf. Prayer yields dividends. Sink your tail, and set your rail. Set sail. Draw new life lines of light and illumination. Prosper and thrive. Whether purist or pioneer, make full use of this time. Place an order with your oracle and plant your sacred seed.

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