Welcome and thank you for being part of things.  Surfer Tarot is perhaps little more than party to our ongrowing story as surfers, and as “only a surfer knows the feeling.”  The question is what does a surfer know and how do we share of things with our fellow waterwomen and men of this Water Planet ??


We are one with the elements, as whether barefoot upon hot, high noon sand or in mud boots alongside a sloshy winter riverbed, and enroute to refreshing offshore plumes or cutting sideshore rain, we have been privy to the “underwater world of Jacques Cousteau,” as we have been held down and pummeled, and/or battered against urchin covered rocks or merciless coral reefs.  We have felt drop in water temps from the upwelling of windswell, and know to be on the lookout for reforms, backwash and tidal shift, as well as for the inevitable change in wind direction or the always hoped for uptick in swell.


Surfers are moonwise in that we are dependent upon counterclockwise moving, low pressure systems that unfold as open doors of invitation out upon her ocean of emotion, and wherefrom we learn of her ocean of love.  As an all one vibe, worldwide tribe, this is an invitation to ride those same emanations that swell from within and without.  Take a wave, take a card, and take a good look at Surfer Tarot.


Support your local surf artist.  Surfer Tarot is timeless enterprise and a continual work in progress as there is always new complimentary surf art, and those artists in kind who look to make their living from giving life and light to what we know as surfing and art.  You can do it, you are the conduit.


Pick a card, pick up the phone, and please make a contribution.  Get a reading, put together a class in your area, or just make your most heartfelt donation possible.  You’ll be stoked.  Sing a song, say your prayer, and meditate on the Tarot.  On behalf of all our relations, her majesty and your beautifulness,


Thank you so much (surfertarot@outlook.com)

And yes, this is the link to the proverbial pay pal webpage, and again, thank you so much.


The hope is to first produce a deck of cards and then get companion reader books printed to follow.


Our first companion reader is a 112 page black & white rendition, playfully dubbed as our big little white book.  We hope to both refresh the deck with new art and eventually offer a full color companion reader to accompany the (two) Surfer Tarot decks of cards.


Please feel free to get in with things at any level as any and all contributions are welcome.


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Wayne Hunt (surfertarot@outlook.com)


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