The traditional Tarot deck is oft accompanied by what is referred to as the "little white book."  In the case of Surfer Tarot, we have improvised a bit and oversized the such and into what we refer to as our "Big Little White Book."  The Surfer Tarot Companion Reader is a workbook sized, black & white, 112 page reference book, for use in tandem with the Surfer Tarot deck (made up of two decks of 180 cards).


Cost is almost triple what it would cost to print in Hong Kong, as the Companion Reader is printed here locally in California, on Forest Stewardship Council certified, post consumer waste, 100 percent recycled content, processed chlorine free papers.  


This is a limited print run, which again contributes to the price of $55.50 per book.  Shipping and handling is included for domestic orders.  International orders please add $25.50 for postage (for a total of $81). 


Please go to PayPal and use and please leave your mailing address, and a note for "Companion Reader."


If you would like to purchase both decks and book together, please send $111 via paypal for domestic orders (shipping included), and please send $141 for international orders ($25 shipping and handling, plus $5 for materials), with your mailing address, and a note for "decks and Companion Reader."


Would also like to note regarding the Surfer Tarot deck of cards, that again the price is a little higher than some might expect, because in addition to being (again a limited print run, and) a deck of 78 cards in relation to the traditional Tarot, there is also an additional 100 cards called the "Collector's Addition," for use as a supplement to the deck of 80 cards, which includes a "wild card," and an instructional card, in addition to the standard 78 renditions.